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Book Blitz – Will & Patrick Wake Up Married

Will & Patrick Wake Up Married Wake Up Married, Episode 1 Publisher: Leta Blake Books Release Date: October 27, 2015 Genre: Romantic Comedy M/M Romance Tags: gay, woke up married, tropes, rom-com, mafia, forced marriage, disabled heroes GOODREADS Join the wild ride in this vibrant and fun first installment of the new romantic comedy serial …

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Book Blitz – More Than A Friend by Nic Star

More Than a Friend Nic Starr Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Publication Date: October 7, 2015 Tags: M/M Romance, Contemporary, Friends-to-lovers GOODREADS Tim Walker is a free man. He’s broken up with his girlfriend and is ready to move on to a new relationship. But the relationship he wants to pursue is fraught with challenges. Firstly, Scott …

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Book Blitz – More Than What They See by D.M. Dabney

More Than What They See J.M. Dabney Publisher: 13 Below Press Publication Date: October 6, 2015 Tags: Lesbian, Transgender, Enemies to Lovers, Romance, Disability, Lesbian for You, LGBT GOODREADS Bartender-extraordinaire Amy Thompson loves her job at Sappho’s Kiss, but grows weary of the party lifestyle she lives. A decade has passed since she’d taken her …

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Book Blitz – The Other Half Of Me by Lor Rose

The Other Half Of Me Lor Rose Publisher: 13 Below Press Publication Date: September 15th 2015 Tags: M/M Romance, friends to lovers, gay for you, rock star, secret, detective GOODREADS As a homicide detective for the greater Houston area, Detective Barrack Invar’s job was stressful enough without his Lieutenant breathing down his neck to do …

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Book Blitz: Phoenix by Elle King 5/11 – 5/15

Title: Phoenix by Elle King Release Date: May 1, 2015 ASIN: B00X1IJULS Publisher: Voodoo Lilly Press Book Description: New York City homicide detectives Rachel Wayland and Artemis Gregory are first on the murder scene of a beautiful young gay man, the third victim of a serial killer dubbed the Moon Killer by the department. Their …

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Book Blitz: Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome by Jordan Castillo Price 2/24 – 2/28

Release Date: February 24, 2015 Length: 61,000 words ISBN: 978-1-935540-72-4 Publisher: JCP Books Cover Artist: Jordan Castillo Price This mind-bending trilogy follows Daniel Schroeder, an expert in the cutting edge field of recreational memory called mnemography. His independent shop on the south side of Madison was the hottest memory palace in town, until one day …

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