Tag: Lesbian Romance

Sep 23

Book Blitz: Pretty Please by Tracey Michael (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Pretty Please Author: Tracey Michael Publisher: Torquere Press Release Date: 8/10/16 Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex Pairing: Female/Female Length: 22000 words Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Lesbian Romance Add to Goodreads Synopsis Thea and Gwen have been best friends since they were kids. Thea will do anything for Gwen and she uses it to her …

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Jul 20

Book Blitz: Love and Magic by RE Andeen (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Love and Magic Author: RE Andeen Publisher:  Torquere Press Cover Artist: Kris Norris Release Date:  7-27-2016 Heat Level: 2 Pairing: F/F Length:: 10,000 words Genre: Lesbian Romance, Multi-Cultural, Fantasy Add to Goodreads Synopsis Kiv never expected to see a battle, let alone fight in one. She came to the island kingdom of Escot to use …

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Jul 15

Book Blitz: Summer Lovin’ Anthology (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Summer Lovin’ Author: LJ Hamlin, Janelle Reston, Eric Thornton, Jessica Chase, A. M. Leibowitz, Sarah Hadley Brook Publisher:  Torquere Press Cover Artist: Kris Norris Release Date:  7/20/2016 Heat Level: ranges from 1-4 Pairing: F/F and M/M Length: 44,000 Genre: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Gay Romance, Lesbian Romance, Anthology Add to Goodreads Synopsis Back in the 1950s, …

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Jul 14

Book Blitz: The Olive Conspiracy by Shira Glassman (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title: The Olive Conspiracy Author: Shira Glassman Series Title and Number: Mangoverse 4 Publisher:  Prizm Books Cover Artist: BS Clay Release Date: 7/20/16 Heat Level: 2 Pairing : Female/Female, with significant Female/Male supporting characters Length: 61K Genre: Fantasy, Lesbian Romance, Multi-Cultural, Espionage, Political, Chick Lit Add to Goodreads Synopsis When Ezra tries to blackmail Chef Yael …

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May 26

Book Blitz: Cinnamon and Cigarettes by Samantha Kate (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Cinnamon and Cigarettes Author: Samantha Kate Publisher:  Torquere Press Cover Artist: Kris Norris Release Date:  June 1, 2016 Heat Level: 3 Pairing: F/F Length: 88,800 words Genre/Tags: Contemporary, Bisexual, Lesbian Romance, New Adult Add to Goodreads Synopsis Sara Clarke, recent college grad, is sweet, demure, and cautious in all things, but especially romance—until she …

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May 06

Book Blitz: Fairest by K.S. Trenten (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Author: K.S. Trenten Title:  Fairest Publisher:  Prizm Books (A Torquere Imprint) Cover Artist: Kris Norris Release Date:  May 11, 2016 Heat Level: 2 Pairing: F/F, with bits of M/F and M/M in the background Length: 27,425 words Genre/Tags: Lesbian Romance, Fantasy, New Adult Add to Goodreads Synopsis On the eve of my sixteenth year, I’m …

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Apr 16

Book Blitz: Fool For Love Anthology (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title:  Fool for Love Authors: Jessica Chase Keelan Ellis L.J. Hamlin Asta Idonea DC Lowry Lila Mathews Cassandra McMurphy Charles Payseur DM Roberto Lynn Townsend Monica Wang Edited by B. Luckowski Publisher:  Torquere Press Cover Artist: Kris Norris Release Date:  April 20, 2016 Heat Level: 5 Pairings: Male/Male, Female/Female Length: 59,800 Genre/Tags: Contemporary, BDSM, Fantasy, …

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Aug 23

Available for Review: Magic in her Touch by Kate McLay

Review copies of Magic in her Touch by Kate McLay are now available for interested reviewers. Review copies are available in PDF, epub & Mobi.  Please only sign up if you are interested in providing a review. Read the terms below before signing up. -By signing up, you agree to read and review within 2 …

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Jul 31

Book Blitz – Fever of the Fox by Evie Collins

Thanks for having me! My new book, Fever of the Fox, was an idea that sort of came to me through the characters. Growing up, I lived in an area that was essentially a melting pot of many different cultures, with friends from all sorts of different backgrounds. One on my closest grade-school friends was …

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